Museum of Significant Objects

Reconnecting objects with thier histories  

The Museum of Significant Objects is a critique of the
existing Oxford Pitt Rivers Museum spatial design, this
project highlights the current disconnect between
objects and their social context. Through immersive
and interactive environments the proposal aims
to strengthen the narrative connection between
people and objects providing a memorable and
impressionable experience that lacks in the current
Pitt Rivers Museum.

Fabric formed pre-cast concrete walls carve out
the interior of the warehouse site, creating dynamic
divisions of space that add texture and depth to large
voids. The smooth and bulbous surfaces allow for
a contrasting yet complimentary backdrop against
the historic objects. The beauty of fabric pre-cast
concrete is distinguished by its soft curves and
immaculately detailed surfaces, offering unique forms
of architectural artistry. It is a deliberate decision to
embrace the crude materiality of exposed concrete
to reflect the raw materials that the objects are made

The Museum aims to facilitate a sense of escapism for its
viewers, it is a space that is tailored towards personal moments
of introspection. There are passageways, pods and benches
specifically carved out for these reflective experiences. Also
integral to this museum’s design and dissimilar to the Pitt River’s
museum, MOSO only has display capacity for a maximum of 15
objects at one time. The audio and digital design elements of
the exhibition are easily interchangeable allowing flexibility for
exhibitions to rotate so every object has its moment to shine.